I am sure that you have been watching the news regarding the terrible events in Japan….. the earthquake… the tsunami… the radiation. Tragedy beyond words. Utter devastation.

I cannot even begin to imagine how it feels to be in the midst of that situation, let alone the sheer pain and grief of losing everything, including loved ones.

Japan is such a beautiful country with a fascinating culture and equally beautiful people. Strong. Proud. Determined. Smart. They are survivors.

They have come a long way from the Hiroshima bombing in World War II. No doubt, they will be able to overcome these horrific events and bounce back from it stronger than ever. In time

For now, they need our help.

PRAY. Pray for all those affected that they will feel the love of God in this most difficult

DONATE. For me, there is no better organization for delivering fast, effective emergency relief than the Red Cross.

Please visit the link below to learn how you can donate to the Red
Cross today.

American Red Cross
Japanese Red Cross

Time is of the essence. Basics like food and water are running out fast. Your response is needed urgently.

Every bit helps.


Ropa Vieja

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