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Poem For My Mother

Today was particularly a day of missing my mother. I don’t know why. I just happened to look at a picture taken during the last time I was with her months ago (in the airport) and my heart began to ache. I miss her everyday. I’m never much of a writer, but here’s the little poem I wrote just to express what I felt today. Here you go………

Merry Christmas, Mama

You left us not too long ago
All too soon, I never expected it so.
Your body has suffered,
So much pain you have had endured.

But despite all that you were going through,
My father and I, you continued to place before you.
You fought the illness, displayed inner strength
In Christ you held on, you never lost faith.

Meeting the Lord, you were much prepared.
This I am certain, and I am very blessed.
There’s nowhere better than

where you are now
With Jesus in heaven,
to whom you bow.

To you, I never got to say goodbye.
Thinking about this still bring tears to my eye.
I was not beside you when your last moment came
If I can rewind time, things will not be the same.

I miss you so much Mama.
But missing you more is Papa.
And though physically you are absent from us,
I believe from up above you are looking down upon us.

During this Blessed Season, I just want to tell you
That my father and I love you so
memories of you thrive in our hearts,
And for as long as we live,
as the Lord permits
thoughts of you, from us, will never depart.

Merry Christmas to you, Mama.
From Joe, Me and Papa.

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