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As an act of applauding Condoleeza Rice for her recent fearless action, I am sharing with you in verbatim an article that I lifted off from the Family Research’s Council’s emailed newsletter. When I read this, I thought that this is worth sharing with everyone. It is so encouraging to know that there are still those who are willing to stand up for what they believe in….. Read up and you’ll understand.

Rice Steamed By Domestic Dispute
As Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice is used to dealing with civil unrest overseas. This month, however, it’s an internal conflict in her department that’s received the most attention. After 26 years service in the Foreign Service, Michael Guest, the U.S. ambassador to Romania, resigned in protest of the State Department’s policy on homosexual and cohabiting partners. Frustrated that his boyfriend wasn’t granted the same privileges as married spouses, Guest met with the Secretary personally and asked her to reconsider the rules. Despite the political pressure in a department that employs roughly 350 homosexuals, Rice refused. Acquiescing would not only violate the government’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) but create an unwise precedent of forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for lifestyles that many consider morally reprehensible. Among the complaints, Guest says that same-sex partners don’t have access to perks such as government medical care, anti-terrorism training, foreign language training, diplomatic passports or visas, and special emergency evacuation privileges.

Secretary Rice is right to refuse to compromise. As Pat Kennedy, the undersecretary for management, stated, “The Secretary and State Department do not discriminate in hiring or promotions. We are committed to giving our personnel the support they need to get their jobs done.” Rightly so; that commitment should not extend to ensuring the comfort of employees’ “significant others.”

FRC praises Secretary Rice for maintaining the same decorum in her Department that she epitomizes abroad. Join us in applauding Condi for refusing to surrender on this policy matter and in encouraging other government officials to lead by the same example.

I can just imagine the hate coming from the gay community for what Condoleeza Rice has done. But as the Word says, “the spirit offends the flesh”. When one begins to live by the Word of God, then one is bound to come against the principles that the world uphold. Thus, outrage and resentment are the response that one is sure to get from those who are of the world.

But when we really think about this, losing popularity is too small a price to be paid compared to what Jesus went through on the Cross for us, isn’t it?

As the election time approaches, let us pray for government leaders who will be as Daniel was in Babylon. Daniel refused to defile himself by compromising his faith in His God. Let us petition the Lord for leaders who will have the boldness to rise up in the midst of the moral decay in today’s generation and be willing to set their standards high in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what are you waiting for? Now is a good time as any to start praying for this land…..

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