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I feel like I am Peter in the bible… not the one who is walking
on water, but the one who is sinking in the water.

A tropical depression is once again brewing in the horizon of my life and I can only hope and pray that this will not become a full-fledged hurricane. (Do you think I’ve lived in South Florida long enough? LOL) Seriously though, looks like the stormy weather in my life is far from over.

My father has yet again another health issue that we need to deal with ASAP. If you recall in my previous blogs, I have mentioned that blood clotted on his heels and ankles which caused those part of his feet to be swollen. This has started shortly before my mother passed away. My father has seen his doctor once since then, who just gave him antibiotics to take. Well, the swelling has not subsided at all and instead has gotten worse, causing the skin to break out.

To make a long story short – I took my father to the Orthopedic surgeon today who then told us that my father needs an operation on both of his heels. The skin ulcers and swelling on his heels have apparently become gangrenous. The doctor needs to scrape off all the dead tissues and let all the puss out from there- a process that will leave a big hole in his heels which the doctor said might be difficult to patch up. But that’s not the major concern- the big one is whether or not my father will have to have his legs amputated. We don’t want the bacteria to reach his bloodstream causing a septic condition that is potentially fatal where it would be too late for us to do anything.

The procedure to be done on my father is considered a major operation since he’s going to have to be under general anesthesia. This means that he needs to be admitted to the hospital for a number of days!

Once again, I am faced with a life and death situation. I said in my earlier blogs that we discovered my father has a coronary triple vessel disease and any procedure done on him would be more dangerous than the average person of the same age. On the other hand, if we don’t have this surgery, my dad runs the risk of either leg amputation and developing the fatal septic condition.

I listened incredulously to the doctor as the full implication of what he was telling us hit me… another hospitalization, another health scare, another financial expense! It was at this month last year that we first learned of my mother’s breast cancer… and it seems to me that the process has begun all over again.

I am not doubting the Lord’s goodness nor for a second do I question His plans for us, but during a moment of weakness, and in all desperation, all I could utter was the question…. “Lord, is this ever going to end? Have you ever heard my prayers?”….. I am just being real, being “naked” before the Lord.

I was walking on water, but now I am sinking…. my eyes are on the winds and the waves in my life. All of us go through these weak moments. I am having mine right now.

To our friends and family, please continue to pray now for Papa’s healing and for us, as we need God’s wisdom, intervention, and provision to meet the needs that this new situation may present to us.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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