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My Epiphany


I just saw this video clip from a friend’s blog and I downloaded it to share it with you. It is a funny clip that reminded me of my very own “learning” experience.

Six years ago, I had absolutely no idea that big corporations, such as Dell Computers, outsource their technical assistance to countries like India and the Philippines where labor is cheaper. I was then having a problem with my office computer which necessitated my call to Dell’s technical support. The first person I spoke to had an Indian accent. But that came as no surprise to me since there are immigrants from India here in the U.S. Unfortunately though, he was not able to help me with my computer trouble, so I found myself calling again for technical help the following day. Now this time, I spoke with a lady, and in the middle of our conversation, I realized that her accent was much like mine -– she’s a Filipina! Having just moved to the U.S. at that time, I was eager to meet people from the Philippines. So I stepped out of the realm of professionalism and ventured into familiarity — I asked her where in the U.S. she was. And to my consternation, she told me , “Ma’am, I’m in Manila” (that’s the capital city of the Philippines).

I was honestly surprised with her answer. I thought, “how could that be?”. I couldn’t grasp why a girl from my country answered my call to Dell Computers for technical assistance. So I related my experience to my boss, who then promptly explained to me about these Call Centers in developing countries. Ahhhhhhhhh….like a cloud parting to let the sunshine through, I got the picture! ……so that was my epiphany!

At present, call centers in the Philippines are sprouting like mushrooms in the field. Fresh college graduates, regardless of their degrees, flock to call centers seeking employment. In a country like the Philippines and India where decent employment opportunities are hard to come by, I am grateful that these call centers are providing jobs to thousands and thousands of people.

I’m sure that this clip is an exaggeration of everything that call centers do, but it is funny. Just watch it and enjoy!

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