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The following is written by Salome Oro – a worship pastor, preacher, teacher, musician, singer, composer, sister and friend. She has touched and influenced my life greatly. Her passion for the Lord is infectious. I just wanted to share her writing, as it has so much truth in it. It’s a bit long, but read through. It is worth it. This is what Kingdom building is all about…..

When was the last time that you really felt the presence of God enter a room you are in or felt him touch you with his mighty power? When was the last experience you had of the Holy Spirit zapping you and you fell under His awesome power?

Have you ever been in the zone of His Presence and you just got swept away by what He was releasing in that given moment of time? Did you ever experience what it is like when the glory of God comes down and is almost tangible and you could almost taste Him?

Everyone who has had such an experience came out of that place in the spirit a changed person… those who have decided to allow God to come and do with them as He pleased made it to the supernatural realm to a point where their consciousness became the Spirit and not what was going on in the Physical. Every time that happens the practical and the obvious things to do became so impractical! And, that which you never thought you would do because it’s too embarrassing or its too showy or its too much, becomes the most natural thing to do.

The level of anointing that a person receives from God is in accordance to the level with which the person allows God to touch Him. If God wants to touch your deepest issues and you won’t respond by opening your heart and telling Him to do it His way, then your level of anointing will not rise to the next level that He wants to take you. We limit God’s move when we do not open up to His dealings. The depth of his possession of your heart is the depth of anointing that you will be entrusted with. The darkness that lurks within each of us can only be dispersed when His light goes in deep into the cavities of our souls.

The very thing that you love and you won’t allow God to touch is the very thing that will kill you. There must come a level of trust towards our loving Father in Heaven so that you will allow Him to slay you… if you really know Him you will realize that the things He does to hurt us or cut us are the very same balm that He will use once He is done killing our flesh. Those things and ‘stuff’ and issues wherein you allow God’s dealings are the very things that will form your ministry and your anointing. The depth of your relationship with God is based on whether or not you allow Him to be truly God… meaning you let Him call the shots at all levels of your existence. This is the point in your life when you will truly understand grace at work not just on the level of salvation but on the level of sanctification.

When you allow God to do with you as He pleases, you truly die to self. And that death (which happens again and again as you grow in the Lord) will forge a deeper trust and faith in a God who indeed knows what we could never know unless He shows us the beginning from the end. Total surrender and submission to the Living God is the very requirement for a supernaturally tuned life.

That very act of opening up your life to Him fully will bring you to great heights and depths spiritually which otherwise you would never taste if you remain closed up inside. Let Him touch the most painful issues in your life. Let Him hear your cries of pain and despair; let Him bring you face to face with your issues so that you can see them for what they really are: tools of growth when placed in the Master’s Hands. Every downfall, every disappointment, every frustration, every painful memory, every broken relationship, every bitterness, every unforgiveness; these can all turn you around and make you great in the kingdom if we learn how to give it to God and let him heal us. Experience Him as healer. Experience him as the restorer of broken relationships by allowing Him to pour out the spirit of forgiveness all over your mind and heart and body. Ask for God’s grace to just flow in you and through you. Some issues may go the minute you lay it down and some that are so deep may take months or years. But know this: the more you spend time in His manifest Presence the more you will experience the depths of who He is. And you will really begin to ‘know’ experientially, not just mentally, that indeed Jesus is more than enough! He is indeed the lover of our souls. He knows how to satisfy our deep cravings for true love and he will begin to show us the kind of love that is so secure that we won’t wanna fight others just to prove that we’re gifted or that you are right or that you need recognition… it will so saturate you that what goes on around you or what is on the outside will not be strong enough to pull you down, because you are continually experiencing his manifested presence and his Agape love. Just enjoy Him. The things that he takes away most probably are the things that cut you off from Him. Sometimes its people, or things, or memories or self or position, or even ministry. Jesus must be number One. If he is not in his rightful place in our lives, we begin to feel discontent, we begin to fear, we begin to see things in the natural and we begin to despair. Everything starts as a seed. So, cultivate the lifestyle of living in His manifest Presence. Bring yourself before His feet and let Him know that you will allow Him to do with you whatever He wants and in whatever way He chooses to do it. There is such peace in giving up the reins of your life to the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit leads you will never get bored because He will always challenge you to step out in faith! When you’re not feeling ‘okay’ He will challenge you to shout for joy and to sing high praises to the King! That kind of response to adversity brings the devil’s all time high to an all time low anytime! Strategies of warfare and worship are two powerful weapons that God will unveil to those who are willing to risk it all for God! Many times the challenge is this: Who will rule me today? My feelings or my Spirit? My God or the Devil? Myself or my calling?

We must get a grip of what God is calling us to do so that we will not just ride on any latest style of doing church. The church must be more at home being spiritual than in being practical and humanistic. The trap the enemy places before us everyday is to become too significant instead of becoming a voice of conscience to a sin gripped society. We are salt and light; not artificial seasoning and dimmed lights. The flesh will never be palatable in the Kingdom of God. In fact, the works of the flesh would smell rotten in the Kingdom of God.

Self- promotion is a no-no in God’s kingdom. When we are not so focused on taking the limelight for the purpose of becoming significant, the Lord will begin to open doors so that His Name will be glorified through you and me. It’s in telling the world how good He is inspite of ourselves that people’s focus will be on Him and not on us. We are His ambassadors. We represent the King not ourselves. We are to show Him off and not ourselves. So, we are to watch our ‘talk’ and discern our own attitudes whenever we are asked about our lives. When we are not full of ‘self’, God can fill us with Him. Our focus must be Him and not us. His Presence will manifest when He is the one really breathing through us. The churches that are experiencing refreshing have one cry: More of you, Lord! We ask for a download from heaven so that what we receive from Him is what will come out of us when we walk through our daily lives. His insights and creativity must flow daily through us and the only way we know His fresh infilling is if we soak in his Presence until our whole being is saturated by Him, to the point where when we walk the streets people will sense His Presence and will be affected by it! That is a revival church’s dream… His Presence manifesting physically because the person is always soaking… what is inside of us is what we give out when we relate with other people. Throneroom company people will bring his glory down to the filthiest of situations. Are we that kind of Christians? Are we so familiar with the move of the Holy Spirit that we know when He is in the room?

Let us allow God to permeate our senses, our physical bodies, our thought life and our spirits. Oh, that only His Spirit would be our guide and not familiar or unclean spirits! Let us march under His rhythm and let us recognize His Voice in the midst of chaos and confusion. Let us pursue His Presence every single day of our lives and let us value His thoughts, His Word, His influence more than those closest to us.

Let it rain, Lord Jesus! We need your fresh input everyday so we will not walk in our own limited experience of you in the past. You are a NOW God! We want to see facets of you that we have never seen before! Pour it down, Lord! So that when we meet the broken and the distressed and the abused, your touch in our lives daily will seep out from us to them. Bring us into a total dependence on your Presence so that we will not make our relationship with you a religious practice but a life giving relationship! LET IT RAIN!

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