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Covenant Friend

I love the story of David and Jonathan. I think there is no greater agape love exemplified in the bible (apart from Jesus’ love for us) than the story of their relationship – that of a covenant friendship..

Yes, what is covenant friendship? Here are some food for thoughts on this topic as shared by my friend, Happy.

What defines a covenant friendship?

*A real covenant friendship is beyond mutual agreement on everything. It is a relationship solely based on Agape — laying down one’s life for the other.

*A real covenant friendship lives by the rules of honesty, transparency and truth. They are not afraid to speak the truth and neither does the recipient of a truthful advice get offended. Both submit to and honor one another.

*A covenant friend loves and therefore gives caution when seen as needed.

*A covenant friend does not fear disagreement from the other side, but is open to correction, rebuke and even an honest evaluation.

*Real covenant friendships are not defined by the number of “fun parties or hang-outs” they’ve spent together with each other. Although that has a place in such a relationship, what defines a real covenant friendship is the absence of fear which reflects the presence of perfect love. Because perfect love casts out all fears.

*A covenant friend covers a multitude of sins. He/she protects the other party from gossip and slander. Covenant people understand the meaning of covering.

If you are running with a God-given mandate and a God-ordained purpose, be sure you have covenant partners running beside you. You need them. And they, you.

We are grateful to the Lord for establishing in covenant relationships as we do the work of the Kingdom. God knows we need them in this race.

However, remember that ONLY Jesus is the best and perfect covenant partner–ever!!!

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