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Simply Delicioso

Earlier tonight my hubby displayed his culinary skills by whipping up a super-dooper, wonderful meal. Our friends, the Logans and Aguirres minus Vicky (she was in the hospital with her grandfather) came to our house and joined us for that scrumptious restaurant style but home-made goodness dinner.

Joe made a creamy onion soup for starters, grilled a skirt steak rubbed with southwestern seasoning as the entree, and not to be outdone was the cheesy twice-baked potato side dish. Yum’oh!

To finish it all off, dessert was the outrageously chocolatey brownies baked by moi — you can’t have too much chocolate! Perfect with a hot cup of coffee! (Recipe from Barefoot Contessa, for all you Foodnetwork fans out there!)


It was a nice time with friends – a little crazy with all the kids running around and our dog Prince barking so much… but it was a “homey” kind of crazines. And hey, we gotta get used to this craziness if we’re going to have children of our own, right?

To the Logans and Aguirres, it is always a joy to have you. Looking forward to next time!

PS: Joe says: We would like to thank everyone that moaned, squealed, and went “mmm–mmm–good” during dinner. Please note: We are NOT responsible for any other noises made after dinner….LOL. Get ready, I’m already working on next weeks menu!


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