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It’s a bit late but I just have to post this. There is always a first time in everything, and I believe, we never forget those “firsts” in our lives.

So here are a couple of things that I’ve done during the last few weeks for the very first time.

Dec. 24th — The Aguirres invited us to their family gathering on Christmas Eve. So I got to join the kids in decorating gingerbread men and sugar cookies. This was my very first time to decorate a gingerbread man cookie!

In the Philippines, not a lot of families bake. In fact, most average families I know do not even own an oven. That’s why I’ve never done this before. It was a lot of fun. I was like a kid again.

Thanks to the Aguirres / Brighams. See more Vicky’s blog on this.

Dec. 30th – We had an excursion with the Logans to the famed Clot Family Christmas display in Pinecrest. I have heard about this for several years now but never got to see the display until tonight. It was like an amusement park for kids. Awesome. It’s touted to be the largest privately-owned holiday display in the nation, if not the world – with over 700,00 lights, 100 animated figures and 2,000 train tracks. As Holly said in her blog, it’s worth the drive. January 1st is the last chance for you to see it. If you can’t make it, make sure to go next year.

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