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Good job, Joe!

Let me take this time to praise my husband.

It has been almost 10 years since Joseph started working as a DSL service tech with the former Bellsouth, now AT&T. For the most part, this job has indeed been a blessing to us, to our family.

But there are times that he gets frustrated over his work. The repetition, the routine, the sometimes unreasonably demanding supervisors and managers and above all, the rude attitude of customers – all these factors combined have turned his job from an initially interesting endeavor into a dreadfully wearisome task, making his job an unpleasant experience – AT TIMES.

That’s why it was a joy to receive a letter from AT&T citing Joseph as among the top 10 of their crew who gave the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE this past month. (This isn’t the first time, by the way. I just never blogged about it before). It’s been a while since AT&T has done this for their crew. I am so glad that the management has decided to revive this practice.

A little remuneration was given for the effort, but it’s not so much about the reward itself, but it is in knowing that the company recognizes the hard work and dedication he pours into his job that is valuable to him, and I dare say, to the rest of the crew as well.

With all the pressures he gets in his kind of work – I would say this one is definitely hard-earned.

Keep up the good work, Babe! You know that the Lord will reward all that you do, when you do it as unto Him. Promotion comes from Him.

Luv Yah! … and I’m looking forward to more gift cards in the coming months… :oD

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One Flesh

Genesis 2:24 says—“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh”.

I am sure that you’re very familiar with the above passage. After all, this is one of the most widely used versesfor weddings, isn’t it?

Today I just want to share with you how the Lord used circumstances in my life for me to understand more what being “one-flesh” is all about.

Since I got married on 2002, I’d never been apart from my husband – until last year (2006) when medical emergencies with my parents necessitated my travel to the Philippines several times… alone!

I first thought that it would not be such a big deal. But boy was I wrong. Leaving my husband for the first time was much more difficult than I thought it would be…. I was crying from Miami all the way to HongKong! It was embarrassing, but there was nothing I could do to hold back the tears. Sounds corny, but my heart just ached for him!

Being without my husband really felt that a part of me was missing, that I was only half the person I am without Joseph. Anything I did by myself seemed to be not complete…because he wasn’t there to share the moment with me.

Yes… anything that I share with my husband means so much more. Joys are multiplied. Sorrows are subtracted. Trials are divided. Achievements are added. Just because I am able to share everything with him. This must be what God meant by becoming “one-flesh” – being so much entertwined with your spouse emotionally and spiritually that neither one of us stands independent from the other. Together, we make one complete person….

To Joe… I love you Honey. Even as you are flying back to Miami without me as of my writing this blog, I am missing you. It is not the same without you here in the Philippines. It isn’t easy walking around with just the half of me, you know… :o)

Babe, thank you for your love and for being my strength especially during these past few weeks. You’ve continued to be my “anchor” in times when my sail gets “blown by the wind”. You are the voice of wisdom when I get all crazy and unreasonable. You make me laugh with your silly and corny jokes. I am so blessed with your heart. And I am so blessed to be sharing life with you.

I love you and I thank God that He answered my prayers through and with you.

See you in Miami in a couple of weeks, Lord willing.

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