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Once years ago when my friends and I were on an island vacation, we decided to go on an excursion to see a waterfall. This waterfall, we were told, was in a secluded spot in the middle of the island’s forest, and that, its water cascades down to form a beautiful pool at its foot where one may swim.

But despite its beauty, the locals told us that not a lot go there because it is not very accessible. We were too consumed with excitement to even recognize the warning behind these words. So on we go, only to find out soon enough that the trek was far from being simple. It turned out to be a challenging one – especially for city girls like us – with all the difficult climbs up the hill, slippery paths and hours and hours of walking. Now we know why not a lot of people frequent the spot.

I was hot and tired and my knees felt like they were going to give out on me. But it was in the midst of my exhaustion that my eye caught sight of a pretty little pink flower growing among the bushes and weeds. The flower wasn’t particularly special, but somehow seeing that flower suddenly opened my eyes to the beauty of the Lord’s creation around me. I then began to notice the ray of sunshine that penetrated through the canopy of leaves above us, the chirping of the birds and the occasional wind that blows in our faces. I even began to notice how green the leaves of the trees were in that part of the world, and in its simplicity, how beautiful the flowers growing randomly here and there seem to be.

At that moment, I just felt so deeply grateful to GOD for my life, for the ability to see the beauty of His creation around me. I was so thankful to Him that I could have sworn then my heart swelled.

I was very engrossed in this state of blissful appreciation that I forgot how tired I was. The journey to the waterfalls became swifter, easier. Soon, or so it seemed, we reached our destination.

Looking back, I realized that life is very much like the trek I had to the waterfalls. Yes, life is full of its ups and downs, of unexpected trials and tribulations. But with a thankful heart to the Lord and a grateful spirit, we can overcome. We will overcome. We can look at the challenges that we face as opportunities for us to grow. The insurmountable can become surmountable; the impossible, possible. A thankful heart creates an atmosphere of miracle in our lives.

I am grateful to God for EVERYTHING He has done in me, about me, around me and through me. Without Him, I am nothing. So on this Thanksgiving day, I would like to make mention some of the things that I am especially thankful to Him for, such as:

*Jesus’ blood and His sacrifice for me on the Cross
*My husband and our life together, and the children that He will bless us with
*My parents and their salvation; for my father’s improving health after his leg
amputation a few months ago
*God’s provision through our jobs
*Family and friends; for the church family
*For the Lord’s favor and random blessings in our lives
*For increase and promotion even in the midst of economic depression in the country – a testimony to God’s sovereignty. I’m thankful that my economy does not depend on
this country’s but on the Lord’s.

There are still so many more there is not enough space to write them all here. Suffice it to say, that if we only remember to count our blessings…. then we’ll realize that we’ve got so much of it to even begin to do so. :o)

With this, let me wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Day. May you remain thankful to Him not just today, but everyday of your life.

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