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Commitment. It is such a big word that many people are afraid of. I can understand why. Because commitment demands a lot. When a commitment is made, death is going to take place elsewhere. To commit means something has to die.

A couple of months ago, I have committed to pray and fast at least one day per week, until the end of this year. I am doing this, not only as a part of the prayer and fasting chain of my home church in the Philippines, but largely for my personal reasons. Ever since I became a Christian, prayer and fasting have been a big part of my spiritual growth. It is during these periods that I get the most rhema words (revelations) from the Lord.

There are different kinds of fasting. And the fasting that I have decided to do is the partial fast – no food, just water. Despite the many times that I’ve done this in the past, I still struggle about food everytime — when the hunger pangs hit me. Funny, but I can easily skip a meal or two at any given day when I’m busy, but during fasting, it becomes such a monumental task! Of course, the enemy knows when to hit and how to hit you. Just when you fast, someone in the office decides to bring cookies and donuts, or my husband calls and invites me to have lunch with him (his job makes it difficult for us to do this often) and not to mention that your thoughts are being plagued with all different images of delicious foods.

It doesn’t surprise me that the enemy puts temptation my way during this period. That’s his mission. What really amazes me is our very own “flesh”, our carnality. It is very controlling! We always blame the enemy for the sins that we commit, but most often than not, it is infact our undisciplined flesh, our carnal desires that caused us to stumble and become entangled with sin. We are our biggest enemy!

There are many ways to “kill” our carnal self. But I believe that the best way is to fast from food. Food is a basic human, carnal need. When Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days, His first temptation was with food– to turn the stones into bread. One would think that since Jesus was a man, women or sex
would be the enemy’s choice to use against Jesus… but no, the enemy appealed to his basic human need – FOOD. I believe this is because if we are able to deny ourselves with something as basic and primal a need as food – then maybe, overcoming all other weaknesses would become less of a struggle. But then again, this can only be possible if we pray and fast.

I am thankful that I have a friend from the Philippines who is my accountability partner. Together, we have set a day to fast, and time to pray together on the phone (long distance call) every week. Through this experience, my prayer life has been transformed into a richer, more personal experience. It is causing a personal revival in my life and I pray that the Lord will use me as a channel of revival to others.

Prayer and fasting has so many other benefits apart from what I have just pointed out. And I challenge you to see God’s power manifested and what He can do in your life, your family and your nation when you commit to fast and pray!

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