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See No Evil

You watch it on the news. You read it on the papers. You hear it over the radio. But you never imagine that it will happen to you.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been flashed! Yes, some pervert walked towards my direction and showed me his full package! I’ve never been so disgusted and horrified all at the same time in my life – and all I could say was “in Jesus name!.”

It all happened yesterday afternoon at Publix’ parking lot (this is a supermarket, for those not from Miami). I was busy unloading the grocery on to the back of my SUV, but I noticed that there was this big white pick-up truck (either an F150 or a Tundra) that was approaching slowly. I thought that the driver was waiting for me to pull out so he can have my parking space. I never looked up to see, I just continued unloading the bags until I got done. Meantime, I noticed that the white truck chose to park to my left side, a car away from me. As I was fully backed out of my parking space ready to drive away, the driver of the white truck got out and came towards the back of his vehicle so that he would now be fully facing me. That was when I saw his entire manhood out in the open! Oh my God! (and this is an authentic cry unto the Lord, not an expletive)

I hurriedly drove away, but I turned around one more time to look at the man to check if maybe he’d run after me or what… but this time, he had his shirt over his manhood and he was walking back towards the driver’s seat. I also realized that there was nobody else in the parking lot but me and him!

Mind you, this happened shortly before 6:00 pm, so it was still in broad daylight. (For those of you in Miami, the Publix I’m talking about is in Crossings (corner 134 Ave & 112 St). I thought that maybe, the man just forgot to zip his fly?

I would never know the answer, not that I want to. Bottom line is, he exposed himself in public. I was so scared that I neglected to do one thing — call the police. Yeah, I should have done it, but at that time, all I wanted to do was to get away.

I did another thing though. I prayed. After my initial reaction of horror and disgust, I felt compassion overtake my heart. What happened to him that he’s become that perverted individual, I wondered? But God knows, so I lifted that man up to Him. I prayed for his salvation, that he would get to know Jesus as His Lord and Savior. And I prayed that the truth in Jesus would set that man free from his sexual perversion. In Jesus’ name.

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