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Leg Amputation

Hi everyone..

I arrived in the Philippines safe and sound, thank God. The planed landed promptly today, Aug 15th at 7:00pm as scheduled (Fri 7am US Eastern Time), but with immigration and luggage, i got out of the airport around 7:30pm – not too bad. From the airport, I went directly to the hospital to see my father.

I was surprised to learn that his surgery is scheduled already tomorrow, Saturday 7am (Fri 7:00PM your time). I also learned that the leg amputation only calls for a regionalized anethesia (epidoral in the spine). So while this still involves some risks due to his heart condition, it isn’t as great as having a procedure that calls for general anesthesia. Thank God for that.

I was so taken aback by how my father looks. He is literally skin and bones. It stinks big time seeing your parents (loved ones) getting older and in failing health at that… I haven’t been able to speak with his Orthologist since it was late when I came to the hospital and they couldn’t get in touch with him (sheesh) so I’ll make sure to speak with him tomorrow before the surgery. As of now, I was told that they are going to cut just below the ankle. But I just want to make sure that they remove all the infected areas or that they cut at the part where there is enough blood circulation to guarantee the healing of his leg. We don’t want to be back in the hospital a few months from now because not all the infection were taken out/or the wound is not healing. GOD FORBID that this will happen.

So this comes with a request that you please lift up my father in prayer; that all will go well and that there will be no complications; that the doctors will have wisdom and that the healing of my father is going to be quick. Pls. also pray for favor, that all our needs will be met.


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