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For Holly

Just want to give a shout out to the Kellers (Holly’s parents), the Logans and the rest of the family… Yeeehaaaa!

Since we’ve been married, Joe and I have been going to Holly’s family gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as some other special occassions, so much so that Holly’s Grandma has already declared us “their adopted family members”….. Yeah, that’s how much of a regular we are…. LOL!

To Holly and family, thank you very much your hospitality and warmth. It’s so wonderful to spend the holidays with such a close-knit family (reminds me of my very own). Our holidays would not have been the same if not for you and your family. Joe and I are very blessed.

Thank you again and may the Lord continue to prosper and draw your family even closer together.

A note to all those who don’t know: Holly’s dad is a phenomenal cook and he always prepares a great feast during the Holidays, just like tonight…… yum’oh.

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