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Holiday Reflections

I love Christmas. And everything that it represents… Holiday, joy, gift giving, gift receiving, love, peace, winter, shopping, sales, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, trimmings and decorations, family, parties and get-togethers, food, chocolates.…. and more chocolates…..and more food.

But all these things are but superficial. Christmas is truly the commemoration of Jesus’ birth on earth. Christmas is when the WORD was made flesh and dwelt amongst us; When God the Father decided to send His own Son Jesus to die on the cross for you. And me.

Yes! Jesus came to the world to die for me, a sinful one, totally undeserving of His love. Isn’t that an awesome thought? Why would the God who made heavens and earth hand-pick a nobody like me? Mind-blowing. What a great love. Deeper than the ocean that no one can fathom. Thank you Jesus for loving me before I loved you. Thank you for choosing me before I chose You.

So what are you going to do this holiday season?

Regardless of what you have planned for, I hope that you will take time to celebrate Jesus. Remember Him and His great love for us. Go out of your way to spend time with the Celebrant. Bring Him your present.

And what better gift could we give Him than our time and our grateful hearts? This is the least we can do.

Happy birthday, Jesus !!!


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