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Finger Lickin’ Good

I love it when my husband and I “flow” together – when there’s meeting of minds – it’s incredible.
The hubs was scheduled to work today, Saturday. While I was out for my grocery shopping, I thought that I’d prepare baby back ribs for dinner. It would be a good treat for him after a long hard day of work. So I bought some ribs. As if on cue, I received his text asking me if I wanted to have some ribs for tonight. Hmmnn…  I know my husband!

After cleaning the ribs (took those white membranes off), I placed the ribs in a big pot with water enought to cover it.  In the water I also added some garlic cloves, one onion quartered, salt and whole black peppers.  I just let the pot simmer until the pork got tender and the flesh are almost coming off from the ribs.When the ribs were ready, I turned off the heat and just let them cool down for a few minutes.  Since my hubby is the master griller, then he grilled the ribs up.

In the meantime, I prepared my own barbecue sauce, which is from Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa’s recipe.  The only thing different I did to the recipe is by adding 3 pcs. of bay leaf. 

The recipe makes a lot of barbecue sauce, so if you’re not making a whole batch of meat, then I recommend cutting the recipe into half. 


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