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Date Night

Take-out, deliveries or eating out is a far and apart occasion for my husband and I. Reason being, we love to cook. We prefer to cook, not only because it’s money-saving, but most importantly, it’s healthier. When we cook, we control the ingredients that we put into our food, as opposed to ordering take-outs or eating in restaurants where you really do not know the quality of ingredients they use in your food.

But this is not to say that we do not enjoy eating out every once in a while. Like tonight for instance. My husband took me to Christy’s for a nice little dinner date.

Since it is my first time in this restaurant, allow me to write my own review of the place basing on our experience.

Christy’s is a 4-star restaurant that has a warm, cozy ambience conducive to dates and power meetings. It’s a little pricey, but its reputation preceeds the place. I’ve heard of a lot of good things about this formal dining place so I had high expectations in going there.

And disappointed I was not. The service was excellent. And the food…. The appetizer crabcake which Joe chose was out of this world! It was sooo delicious, I cleaned up that plate. I ate every morsel there was, I didn’t care if the place was fufu! LOL!

I could have had the crabcakes for dinner, but when you’re in Christy’s, you’re supposed to have a steak. It’s a steakhouse, afterall…

So both Joe and I ordered 12 oz. Filet Mignons. While waiting for our entree, we had the caesar salad that comes with it. It was good. My husband likes the Outback’s better, but I liked it. Lots of Parmiggiano Reggiano in it, and anchovies in the sauce….hmmnnn…what’s not to like about it?

Then comes the star of the night, our main course. Imagine this – when Joe and I tried the steak, both of us exclaimed “WOW!” at the same time! That’s how good it was! The meat was buttery, so tender it doesn’t need a knife. It was cooked to perfection according to our preference. No doubt, it was the best I’ve ever had!

Of course, we cannot end dinner without something sweet. I wanted to order the Baked Alaska as it was something everyone recommeded, but the serving was too much for 2 people. So our 2nd choice was the Blackout chocolate cake. The cake was gooey, very moist – decadent but not too sweet. Just perfect.

In a nutshell, we had a good dining experience tonight. The only downside was that their bread was a little too, too crusty for us. And of course, the price…. whew! Thank God we had a gift card so we didn’t spend too much out of our pocket.

I would definitely recommend Christy’s to everyone who has not gone there (if you’re in Miami) or if you’re visiting Miami – if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra for good food, that is.

To my husband — thank you for a romantic and a yummy dining experience.


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