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Call To Prayer

Today, March 5th, one of the most significant court cases in America’s history will take place. The California Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the overturning of the vote of the people last year to pass Proposition 8, which defines marriage between a man and a woman. If this vote is overturned, not only will it set a major precedent of the court’s power over the will of the people, but it will likely be the flash point that will determine the future of America as liberal and homosexual agendas will disseminate throughout the educational systems and into the very fiber of American culture. The California State Senate just ruled against the peoples’ vote and asked the court to overthrow the defining of marriage as between a man and a woman. Senator Leno likened the people who voted for Prop 8 to the Germans who voted for the Nazi Regime.

During these past three months since President Obama’s election, the voices of rage against Judeo-Christian values and against the church have been emboldened to use inflammatory language and pass bills and laws that are anti-Christian in their very nature. When senators use such language, persecution is close at hand. We are in a desperate moment in American history. Everyone is pointing to the severe crisis of our economy, but I am convinced it is only an indicator of a massive moral decline America has slid into. It is time to pray, humble ourselves, and rid ourselves of moral compromise in the Church. If the salt loses its savor, it is only good for being thrown out and trampled under the foot of man.

Today we are calling the Church across the nation to pray.

Take this moment and hear His call to humility, fasting and repentance. If we do this, God can deal with kings and judges like He haunted Nebuchadnezzar with dreams and removed Herod by the angel of the Lord. This hearing today will be followed by a 90-day period in which the court must make a decision. Pray for these judges that the hand of God will influence their minds and hearts, that the fear of the Lord would fall upon them, and that dreams would invade their world, their wives, their children, and their innermost thoughts. Pray that God would restrain principalities and powers that have mustered their forces of demons to seize this nation through this door in California. Pray for an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit in California and America. Pray that God would raise up righteous leaders and bring down the unrighteous ones. Pray for the cleansing of sexual compromise and divorce in the church so that she can reclaim spiritual authority. Finally, pray that the love of God would be poured out on those struggling with homosexuality across this nation. Oh that the power of God, the power of the gospel, would be released again to free the captives!

This is a moment in time that calls for crisis intercession.

To resign to an inevitable collapse of society is sin, for throughout history God has moved with amazing power to change the courses of nations and overthrow the wrongdoers. Just look at Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel. This could be our Elijah moment.

Seize the day,
Lou Engle

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We Must! We Must!

Here’s a cry that echoes the prayers of my heart…. Thanks, Happy, for the reminder.

Words fall short in depicting the urgency of the hour.

We must wake up,Church! We must wake up from our comfortable stupor, step up and set ourselves apart for God’s SOLE USE.

We must shake off every hint of worldliness and carnality and allow the Holy Spirit to fill us so we can be RELEVANT in this hour.

We must wake up from our self-absorption and self-centeredness.

There must be a holy restlessness in us that will shout, ENOUGH! towards our addictions and sins that so easily cause us to grow cold in our passion for Jesus. The little compromises must begin to be magnified in our perception so we can feel the weight of God’s conviction once again.

We MUST HEED the voice of the Holy Spirit! We MUST CONSECRATE ourselves once again! We MUST OBEY in this hour!


And Why MUST WE? Because it is our divine destiny to turn this nation to God!

We need to step up, speak up, and ACT UP.


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Prayer Request

I’d like to ask for your prayers for my father. He will need to have his leg amputated asap. The wound on his heel from a surgery almost a year ago has gotten a lot worse and the doctors said that the only solution at this point is to have his leg removed, to prevent the wound from getting septic. Once the infection gets into his bloodstream, this would be fatal.

So, I’m again taking an emergency trip to the Philippines. Words escape me right now from exactly expressing to you how I feel. Suffice it to say, we need your help in praying for my father, and for provisions to meet our needs financially and otherwise.

I will try my best to give you an update of his condition while I’m in the Philippines.

Thank you and your prayers are much appreciated. God bless.

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Shotgun Prayers

Lately I’ve been finding myself having quality time with God when I drive. It is embarrassing to admit, but it is when I am driving that I get my quiet, alone time with Him. Ironically, I am able to focus on the Lord very well despite the craziness of the traffic in Miami.

Within the four walls of my car I’ve poured out my heart and soul to the Lord. The car is privy to all these wonderful, sometimes desperate times with Him. If only she can talk, I am sure that she would be able to tell you about my most fervent prayers, my secret longings and deepest sighs.

But there are also those times that I find myself just throwing out one-line-prayers for someone, or for something. Like when an ambulance passes me by, I’d quickly say a prayer for the person in the rescue vehicle. Or, anytime when I see something in the street that moves me, I throw those one-liners out to God. Usually, these prayers are more like, “Bless that person Lord!”,“Help him/her live that she may know you!” Or, “Save Him Jesus!.” (Yes, I do pray for those annoying drivers sometimes ..LOL) It’s nothing elaborate; just a simple, heart-felt, quick intercession.

A dear youth pastor of mine called these kind of quick one-liners – the shotgun prayers. Shotgun prayers, short as they may be, I believe are as effective as those long moments of intercession. Afterall, it is not by our beautiful words that God is moved but by the intention of our hearts.

How many times have you find yourself just suddenly thinking about someone, or something when you’re driving? Or how many times have you seen something on the road that really moved you? How have you responded? You see, I believe that some of these times maybe because the Holy Spirit is quickening our inner man to intercede at that particular moment. Our problem is that sometimes we analyze too much, or that we are too busy about the cares of this world to even notice, thereby missing those moments when the Holy Spirit speaks.

Galatians 5:16 says “live by the Spirit….” . If I may translate this verse, my version would be “practice His presence”. We need to be conscious of the Lord’s presence at all times, so that not only will we “not gratify our sinful natures”, but also, that we may remain sensitive to the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit, therefore enabling us to be of use to Him anytime He wants us.

So, have you heard God lately?

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Prayer At Work

Since the late part of December 2007, a few of my work colleagues and I have started to come together for a morning prayer in our office.

The construction industry has suffered a great set back lately with the slowing down of the real estate industry, and our company, being in the windows and doors business, is of course affected by it to some degree. We have seen many changes occur within the company in the last few months and I would be a hypocrite to say that I’ve not been affected. Seeing those changes take place have have created a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity inside of me. And I am pretty sure that my colleagues feel the same way too. So, this morning prayer happened just at the right time – a proper response, I would say, to a situation that is beyond any of our control.

Needless to say, these prayer sessions are focused on the company we work for – for its management, business deals and decisions, its workers and for whatever special prayer concerns and requests that are brought up that day from any one of our colleagues. We pray for 5-10 minutes only as we do not want to encroach on company time too much. But though the prayers said are short and concise, I know that God honors them. And I believe by faith that He will use these prayer times to work His way into the hearts of our colleagues who do not know Him, or those whose love for Him have grown cold.

The great thing is that the Lord is stirring my spirit! Every morning, I now find myself looking forward to these prayers sessions, to the chance of being able to relate with my office mates on a different level. I just believe that God is doing new and mighty things in our midst.

It is such a blessing to be able to pray with my co-workers especially because religious activities of any kind in most work places here in the U.S. are a taboo. I thank God that I am working in a company whose owners are godly, Christian men. And I pray that indeed, this company will remain to be one that lifts up the banner of Jesus for the glory and honor of the Father, our God.

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Commitment. It is such a big word that many people are afraid of. I can understand why. Because commitment demands a lot. When a commitment is made, death is going to take place elsewhere. To commit means something has to die.

A couple of months ago, I have committed to pray and fast at least one day per week, until the end of this year. I am doing this, not only as a part of the prayer and fasting chain of my home church in the Philippines, but largely for my personal reasons. Ever since I became a Christian, prayer and fasting have been a big part of my spiritual growth. It is during these periods that I get the most rhema words (revelations) from the Lord.

There are different kinds of fasting. And the fasting that I have decided to do is the partial fast – no food, just water. Despite the many times that I’ve done this in the past, I still struggle about food everytime — when the hunger pangs hit me. Funny, but I can easily skip a meal or two at any given day when I’m busy, but during fasting, it becomes such a monumental task! Of course, the enemy knows when to hit and how to hit you. Just when you fast, someone in the office decides to bring cookies and donuts, or my husband calls and invites me to have lunch with him (his job makes it difficult for us to do this often) and not to mention that your thoughts are being plagued with all different images of delicious foods.

It doesn’t surprise me that the enemy puts temptation my way during this period. That’s his mission. What really amazes me is our very own “flesh”, our carnality. It is very controlling! We always blame the enemy for the sins that we commit, but most often than not, it is infact our undisciplined flesh, our carnal desires that caused us to stumble and become entangled with sin. We are our biggest enemy!

There are many ways to “kill” our carnal self. But I believe that the best way is to fast from food. Food is a basic human, carnal need. When Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days, His first temptation was with food– to turn the stones into bread. One would think that since Jesus was a man, women or sex
would be the enemy’s choice to use against Jesus… but no, the enemy appealed to his basic human need – FOOD. I believe this is because if we are able to deny ourselves with something as basic and primal a need as food – then maybe, overcoming all other weaknesses would become less of a struggle. But then again, this can only be possible if we pray and fast.

I am thankful that I have a friend from the Philippines who is my accountability partner. Together, we have set a day to fast, and time to pray together on the phone (long distance call) every week. Through this experience, my prayer life has been transformed into a richer, more personal experience. It is causing a personal revival in my life and I pray that the Lord will use me as a channel of revival to others.

Prayer and fasting has so many other benefits apart from what I have just pointed out. And I challenge you to see God’s power manifested and what He can do in your life, your family and your nation when you commit to fast and pray!

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